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Gunnar Peterson
LA Lakers Director of Strength and Endurance and Celebrity Fitness Trainer
Sleep is important to me but also to everyone – especially athletes, because sleep it’s when your body recovers, rebuilds and rejuvenates.
— Gunnar Peterson
Gunnar’s Sleep Story
When you think of high level Hollywood fitness, you may think of glamorous supermodels or NBA all-stars, but do you know who’s behind that fitness? Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar’s 26 years as a world-renowned personal trainer have landed him clients like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Kardashian crew, all varieties of professional athletes, and even everyday people looking to make a change in their life. But his devotion to personal health extends beyond the gym, championing the power of healthy sleep to his clients and in his own life. Gunnar’s advocacy for sleep as a strength building and recovery tool is woven into every fitness regimen he designs. We celebrate Gunnar’s commitment to our mission of great sleep for everyone.

I just got my SleepScore Max. I cant wait to see what my SleepScore is in the morning!

My first SleepScore was 72. Whats your SleepScore?

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Nightly SleepScore provides in-depth analysis of the quality and quantity of your sleep
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Detailed breakdown of your sleep stages including duration, time to fall asleep, light, deep, and REM sleep
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Set a smart-alarm for waking at the ideal time of your sleep cycle
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Provides personalized, science-backed advice from the world’s top sleep experts
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Compares your nightly sleep to an ideal night for people your age and gender

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