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Dr. Mehmet Oz,
Sleep App Brand Ambassador

Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and nine-time Daytime Emmy® Award winner for The Dr. Oz Show
I’ve learned in my time as a public health teacher, advocate, television host and physician that the current standard of sleep quality in America is drastically unacceptable. We pay so much to making resolutions about diet and exercise. It’s high time we pay more attention to sleep.
— Dr Oz
Dr. Oz’s Sleep Story
Dr. Mehmet Oz, professor of Surgery at Columbia University and host of the Emmy Award winning Dr. Oz Show, knows the importance of good sleep. Dr. Oz has delivered his “call to arms” about sleep’s impact on overall health to the international stage and in articles featured in several national publications. A frequent subject covered on his show, Dr. Oz promotes the long-term benefits of healthy sleep, encouraging his audiences to find effective solutions for better sleep habits. Most importantly, Dr. Oz supports prioritizing sleep as a national health movement, and we couldn’t ask for a better ambassador to share this message.


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