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Sleep Deprivation In Teens

Students need more sleep.  Research shows that teens aren’t getting enough sleep in modern life. Present-day issues like social media, tech devices and the general stress of teenage life all can get in the way


6 Ways to Set Your Child’s Back-to-School Sleep Schedule During COVID-19

Children nationwide will return to some sort of learning over the next 3-4 weeks. But getting back in the habit isn’t always so easy, especially when distance-learning is in place and the uncertainty of when


Special Edition: Why Does Accuracy Matter?

The SleepScore team is constantly working to bring the SleepScore App experience to users around the world, allowing more people to not only learn about their sleep, but get personalized advice and recommendations. We’re committed


SleepScore Max Customer Testimonial

John – SleepScore Max user from SleepScore Labs on Vimeo.

Dr. Oz’s Tips for Sleep Preparation

Dr. Oz's Tips for Sleep Preparation from SleepScore Labs on Vimeo.

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