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The Latest Sleep Research: How Does Caffeine Impact Sleep?

Caffeine is the world’s most popular stimulant, mainly for its benefits of boosting energy and fighting drowsiness. However, caffeine can interfere with sleep, especially when consumed in the late afternoon and evening, yet many people


Sleep And Immunity: How To Improve Your Immune System

When your body is sick, your sleep can be disturbed because your immune system is busy fighting off the foreign invaders. With these three simple ways to boost your immunity, you’ll be ensuring your body gets the rest it needs.

REM Dreams: What Stage of Sleep Do You Dream?

What is REM sleep and how does it affect your ability to dream? Read on to find out how to navigate the mysteries of your sleep life.

Sleeping with Allergies: Are Your Allergies Causing Sleep Issues?

It’s so refreshing to see your garden start to bloom with gorgeous azaleas, gardenias, and rose bushes, but such beauty can also point to the start of allergy season.

How (And Why) You Should Track Your Sleep

There’s a ton of research and a whole lot of products available that can help you track your sleep.

You Need a Sleep Schedule, Here’s Why

By establishing and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, you’ll be doing important good for your health and well-being, now and over the long term.

Exercise: It’s Not Just For Looking Good

The more you enjoy exercise, the more likely you are to stick with it – and the more you will strengthen your overall sleep routine.

Hypnograms: How To Read A Hypnogram

Every morning when you wake, you’ll see your daily SleepScore, calculated using data gathered while you slept, along with your hypnogram and a summary of your sleep. While the hypnogram might look intimidating at first


How Can I Improve My SleepScore?

Now that you’ve gotten some nights of tracked sleep under your belt, you may be thinking, “What do I do with my sleep data?” Getting your SleepScore and understanding what it means is only half


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