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Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy life. Getting the sleep you need can improve your mental clarity, physical well-being, and overall quality of life, so you can feel your best every single day!
The initiative is designed to help you learn how to make changes to improve your sleep and allow you to track your progress for lasting change using the SleepScore App, the world’s most advanced sleep improvement system!
Step 1
Click one of the links below to get your SleepScore Premium redemption code.


Step 2
Once you get your code, visit sleepscore.com/redeem and enter your code. You will be asked to create a login and then be given instructions to download the SleepScore App.

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Step 3
Once you download the App, login using the credentials you created in the redemption step. Then, you will have unlocked your Premium access to SleepScore!
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Step 4
From there, you’ll have access to hear from sleep experts, get daily tips to keep you on track, and start unlocking your sleep potential for a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Sleep Talk May 9th

Sign up to attend Dr. Roy Raymann’s in-person talk on May 9th. Dr. Raymann takes you through a journey of how all 24 hours in a day relate to sleep – how your day impacts your night, and how your night affects the next day.

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