Week 2

Rise Up with Better Sleep

Welcome to week 2! This week, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the SleepScore App, so you can begin tracking your sleep and improving over time, because good days start with good nights!
  • We believe sleep should not be interrupted by wearables or funky machines on your bed. That is why we created the SleepScore App, the world’s most accurate non-contact sleep measurement technology in the world.
  • Please take 3 mins to watch the video below to learn how to use the SleepScore App

  • Before you start your journey to improved sleep, we need to know a few things about you first. We will ask for details like your age and gender. This allows us to provide you personalized advice and insights just for you.
  • Consistency is an important part of your sleep improvement journey. We’ve made it easier by asking you to provide your ideal bedtime. We will remind you when it is time to get ready for sleep based on this bedtime!
  • Please take 3 mins to watch the video below to learn about proper setup of the SleepScore App

  • Sleep tracking that is accurate and non-contact? That sounds hard to believe. It took over 13 years of development and testing, and now, you have the power to improve your sleep using just your smartphone.
  • The SleepScore App leverages your phone’s microphone and speakers to send inaudible sound waves to your body (don’t worry, these waves will not harm you!). Those waves then bounce back into the phone where our proprietary algorithms have been trained to interpret those waves into accurate sleep measurements. How cool is that!
  • Please take 3 mins to watch the video below to learn how to properly position your phone

  • Every morning, we provide you with an easy to understand SleepScore – a 100-point sleep quality metric, based on proprietary algorithms.
  • Your SleepScore is calculated by measuring six different sleep parameters that we compare across age and gender using state of the art sleep data, so you can see your time in REM, deep, and light sleep, your total Sleep Duration, the time it takes to fall asleep, and your wake time.
  • Every morning, you also get a MindScore and a BodyScore. Your MindScore reflects the amount of REM sleep you get, which plays an important role in creative thinking, problem-solving, and emotional processing. Your BodyScore reflects the amount of deep sleep you get, which is considered restorative sleep and is linked to the perception of feeling well-rested the next day.
  • Visit our Science page to learn more about the science of sleep!
  • As you continue tracking with the SleepScore App, we continue learning about your sleep health. We collect thousands of data points each night which allows us to build an accurate picture of where you can improve.
  • Based on your sleep data, you’ll receive personalized advice and recommendations for improving sleep and discover products that have helped thousands of others with a sleep profile similar to yours get the sleep they’ve been looking for.
  • Embark on unique sleep challenges personalized around your lifestyle habits and sleep patterns so you can start making real changes that show results!
  • Tracking every night is important to understanding your sleep, followed by improving it. As you get to know what your sleep looks like, so will we! As you track more nights, the advice SleepScore provides becomes further personalized.
  • Hitting your sleep goals can take time. The more you track, the more we can help you stay on track and maintain healthy sleep habits.
  • The SleepScore App is more than just a tracker. It is a tool to help you improve your sleep habits and sleep health through many ways.
  • Take time to explore the features of the app such as our Smart Alarm, our Wind Down features, Personal Trends, and more!

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