Week 11

Thanks for participating in the Rise Up with Better Sleep initiative and congrats on completing the program! We hope you’re discovering the benefits of sleep for recovering and recharging to take on daily challenges.
Remember, sleep is as important as proper nutrition and regular exercise and is a key ingredient for sustaining long-term health. Continue the great habits you’ve learned and enjoy a happy, healthy lifetime of restful sleep!

Congratulations on completing the 11 week Rise Up with Better Sleep program!
We’d like to share some fun sleep statistics from our data that show just how much sleep the ABB team received. Great job!

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz!
Question 1: To help minimize jet lag, which part of your routine can you adjust before your trip?
Answer: Sleep, light exposure, and meals.
Question 2: Eating foods high in Vitamin D can help prevent jet lag.
Answer: False
Question 3: The maximum recommended dose of melatonin for jet lag is ___ milligrams.
Answer: 3mg
Great job on the Holiday Tips quiz – the scores were outstanding! Don’t forget to use what you learned the next time you travel.
The Daytime Behaviors quiz scores were a bit lower. You can brush up on that important topic by clicking Week 6 below. In the mood for more review? Watch Dr. Raymann’s presentation.

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